Project Coordinator: Grants and Contracts


Job ID: 2806

Reports To: Sr. Coordinator, Grants and Contracts

Salary: This is a full-time, 12 month position at 232 days. The minimum annual salary is $71,896.00.

Primary Purpose: Manage the day-to-day contract administration and finances of the Texas Open Education Resources (OER) project and support the work of multiple vendors and customers providing high quality materials to Texas teachers and students.

The Texas OER project is committed to providing districts with access to high quality instructional materials by creating a set of OER products across multiple subject areas and grade bands that will be open to the public, easily accessible and support effective teaching and learning. ESC 13 is seeking an OER contract administrator to oversee the management of multiple contracts across different vendors charged with providing materials and project management services to drive the OER project. This initiative is focused on improving the foundation of reading, math, science and social studies for students across Texas. The role of the contract administrator is vital to supporting the efficient management of the project.

  • Bachelor's Degree in accounting or business management preferred
  • Contract and grant administration and financial management across multiple vendors
  • Previous government accounting experience (school, city, county or state) preferred

  • Minimum of seven (7) years in accounting operations, i.e., contract administration and grant reimbursements and reconciliations
  • Understanding of basic flow of contract accounting and contract lifecycle management (CLM) from initiation to execution
  • Experience with specialized budgets and/or operations with history of managing complex contracts
  • Experience with the preparation process for financial statements in conformity with accepted auditing standards and accounting principles
  • Experience in launching new projects and programs
  • Experience in managing self-directed work and the work of others
  • Experience in presenting contract requirements to adults using effective presentation skills

Special Knowledge/Skills:
  • Detailed understanding of contracts and grants including federal, state and local regulations
  • High level math and accounting skills, and strong reading comprehension skills
  • Ability to interpret guidelines and instructions
  • Knowledge of RFP/RFQ process from creation to monitoring of implementation
  • Experience using excel to present numerical information
  • Understanding of financial reporting concepts
  • Skills in completing accurate data for records, reports and legal documentation for numerous multi-million dollar contracts
  • Ability to calmly facilitate the negotiation process with multiple vendors and funding sources
  • Understanding of procurement process and licensing agreements, specifically in the field of publishing
  • Experience in facilitating advisory groups and building relationships between partners including the Texas Education Agency (TEA), publishing vendors, and educators
  • Confidence in managing implementation of task completion to complete invoice payment
  • Meticulous organizational skills for detailed planning with the adeptness of being flexible to allow for quick thinking and rapid change when necessary
  • Ability to communicate effectively (oral and written) to provide technical assistance, obtain information, resolve discrepancies and carry out fiscal procedures
  • Confidence in communicating with vendors, superintendents, board members, experts in professional communities, teachers, and colleagues

  • Serve as the OER Vendor Contract Administrator to provide oversight of all fiscal responsibilities of the OER project. You will lead the allocation and appropriation of contracts to financially support the work. You will take pride as you:

  • Ensure all contracts comply with all applicable state and federal rules and regulations
  • Develop scope of work with the Texas Education Agency
  • Follow appropriate process for procuring goods and services of either up to $50,000 or over $50,000
  • Conduct RFP/RFQ process in collaboration with TEA
  • Lead the review process of vendor submissions/responses
  • Provide clarification/support negotiation opportunity with TEA and vendors
  • Initiate legal review of contracts in conjunction with ESC 13 legal counsel
  • Develop and/or expand knowledge of procurement and licensing language for development of OER contracts
  • Prepare materials and present to ESC 13 Board of Directors when approval is necessary

  • Create blank monthly invoices and send electronically to all parties based on signature authority
  • Upon receipt of completed vendor invoice, collect TEA approval/signature on deliverables
  • Manage iterations of clarification and edits/corrections between TEA and vendor ifinvoice is not approved or partially approved
  • Process invoice for payment to vendor based on TEA signed approval
  • Invoice TEA for reimbursement of all approved and paid vendorinvoices
  • Provide processing of payments to educators for editing and review of OER materials
  • Verify completed product work/requirements
  • Send invoices to all parties (electronically) for signature based on signature authority
  • Upon completion of all signatures, process invoices for payment
  • Provide record keeping of all completed documents

  • Provide processing of participant travel payments
  • Collect completed signed W-9 and participant travel forms with original signature and verify acceptable expenses and provision of original receipts
  • Obtain signatures based on signature authority and process payment
  • Provide record keeping of all completed documents

  • Develop and implement tools to support more efficient and robust accounting and contract administration process
  • Serve as a representative of ESC Region 13, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration and discretion in all interactions with members of the educational community and public
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Equipment Used:
  • Computer (including distance learning equipment), online meeting platforms, audio visual equipment, tablets, telephone

Working Conditions:
  • Prolonged or irregular work hours
  • Travel in personal vehicle to a variety of education settings
  • Occasional overnight travel to provide support to training and development on contract administration
The above statements are intended to describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not intended to represent an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills that may be required.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. What are my opportunities for development and advancement at Region 13? We budget in professional development for you to learn new skills and stay current with the industry. This could include attending conferences and/or enrolling in online courses. New or advanced positions are generally added based on workload growth and statewide budget decisions.
  2. What types of benefits does Region 13 offer? Region 13 employees pay into Teacher Retirement System of Texas ( and social security. Aetna is our primary healthcare provider and we offer supplemental benefits for vision, dental, etc. We offset the cost of this healthcare with a substantial employer contribution.
  3. How much time off does Region 13 offer? Region 13 is closed for about 25 days in observance of major holidays. Employees also receive 10 vacation days, 10 personal leave days, and 3 optional holidays. We are a 7am-6pm organization with an 8 hour work day within that timeframe, but we honor a healthy work-life balance. As workload fluctuates, you have the opportunity to take flex and telecommute days to accommodate that balance.
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