Creating an Instructional Playbook with Jim Knight: Individual Session 2021-22: IN-PERSON

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $275

Presented by Jim Knight

In settings where a clearly defined set of teaching strategies already exists, this workshop guides coaches and others (e.g., administrators) through the development of an instructional playbook. This workshop is based on The Instructional Playbook: The Missing Link for Translating Research Into Practice (2019) by Jim Knight, Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, and Sharon Thomas. Instructional playbooks are packed with tools to facilitate the coaching process, but instead of reducing teaching or coaching to following a script, they provide a framework to apply and adjust to the specific needs of a given teacher and his or her classroom. Participants will:

  • Develop a usable draft of an instructional playbook that can be adjusted as necessary

Participants will receive a copy of The Instructional Playbook and The Instructional Playbook Workbook.

*** Important Notes***

Because books are included in the registration fee and shipped to virtual participants prior to the workshop:

  • Participants registered for the live session may not choose to attend the virtual session without significant notice.
  • Participants who cancel or do not show will be billed the cost of the books plus shipping.