English Literacy Development through the year-Getting ready for TELPAS

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $100

Research has shown that children are able to learn multiple languages simultaneously and that their brains are organically wired for this task. However, learning to read and write are not natural skills. Emergent bilingual students get the benefit when their teachers understand the process of developing biliteracy and provide a learning environment that fosters cross-linguistic connections, opportunities to read and write in two languages in all content areas, and who understand the value of recognizing their students' approximations as they develop their biliteracy. We are also aware of the need for emergent bilingual students to demonstrate progress yearly and to be successful in TELPAS. In this workshop we will, construct an understanding of biliteracy development in the bilingual brain and identify ways in which teachers can naturally equip emergent bilingual students, beginning in the fall, with the goal of setting them up for success when they take TELPAS in the Spring. The time to prepare for TELPAS is now.