Federal Director's Summer Meeting - ESSA Refresher and Updates

  • ESC Region 13
  • 3 CPE Credits
  • Free

This presentation will be focused on the compliance requirements for Title I, Part A, including updates. Additional ESSA information for Title I, Part D, and Title IV, Part A will be covered.

  • ESSA Consolidated Compliance Reports 21-22 Updates
  • ESSA Consolidated Application 22-23 Updates
  • LEA Plan (Also known as the DIP)
  • Use of Funds Title I, Part A - Updates
  • Title I, Part A Reservations
  • Allocations & 2022-2023 SC5000
  • PFE ESC16 State Initiative
  • Capacity Building ESC20 State Initiative
  • Title IV, Part A - Program Updates and Allowable Use of Funds
  • Title I, Part D – At-Risk and Use of Funds Updates
  • LEA Random Validations Reminders
  • Resource Links with Q&A