Fraction Foundations: Building Fraction Fluency in your Classroom

  • Self Guided
  • Online
  • 3 CPE Credits
  • $60

Course info

This course focuses on the foundations necessary for fraction fluency and how to help students build the conceptual understandings they need in order to work successfully with fractions. The course is self-paced and is a blend of online learning and video demonstration. You'll learn the big ideas that students must know in order to understand fractional parts and explore and use a variety of concrete models that can be used to teach these essential understandings. This course is designed to help you boost your teacher content knowledge and to allow you to explore a wide variety of instructional strategies that you can use as classroom activities and/or intervention strategies.

Topics include:

  • Essential Fraction Foundations: Defining, Naming, and Counting Fractional Parts
  • Comparing the Size of Fractional Parts
  • Using Concrete Models as Teaching Tools
  • Representing Fractions Symbolically
  • Unit Fractions
  • Composing and Decomposing Fractions
  • Fractions on a Number Line
  • Fraction Equivalency
  • Comparing Fractions

Additionally, you'll learn how to help students acquire these critical fractions concepts by incorporating the following ideas from the math process standards into their instruction:

  • Communicating
  • Using Math Tools
  • Making Connections
  • Multiple Representations
  • Reasoning and Justification

This course is self-paced and includes two modules:

Module 1: Aligns with Grade 2 TEKS
Module 2: Aligns with Grade 3 TEKS