Going Deeper with Coaching with Ann Hoffman: Individual Session 2021-22 - VIRTUAL

  • Online
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $275

After any professional development workshop, the most common questions often occur during actual implementation of the learning. In this workshop coaches will reflect on their current coaching and take a deep dive into the following areas:

- dealing with reluctant teachers

- establishing and maintaining role clarity

- impactful listenting, questioning, and noticing

- setting effective student - focused goals with teachers during the coaching cycle

*Since this workshop is based on current coaching issues identified by the participants, there are no published books for this session.

*** Important Notes***

  • Participants registered for the virtual session may not choose to attend the live session without significant notice.
  • We will be cross referencing the Zoom participant list against E-Campus throughout the live session.
  • Districts will be billed for any unregistered participants who use the link provided to attend this workshop.