Identifying & Unpacking the Priority TEKS

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $110
  • Effective Schools Framework Aligned Course

Workshop Info

Aligned with the Effective Schools Framework Lever 5 EA 5.1 Objective-driven daily lesson plans with formative assessments

Whether a class is being taught for the first time or the fiftieth, a “road map” always helps the instructor and the students stay on track and understand where they’ve been and where they are going. During this course, particpants will create course and unit curriulum maps with detailed graphic organizers to involve students in their content learning over the year and in each unit of study. The Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) course and unit organizers will be created during the curriculum planning process and then used with students during instruction to build active student engagement and improved learning of the Student Expectations in the TEKS.

In the first workshop in the series, "Identifying & Unpacking the Priority TEKS," particpants will use a structured process to identify the priority TEKS and then how to unpack the TEKS to name the knowledge and skills students need to master the TEKS. Then you will plan your course content with a consistent protocol and process to design an organizer to use with students. (SU2143643)

In the second workshop, "A Curriculum Road Map for Students: Unit Organizer," you'll break down the content organizer and its units of study to create an interactive curriculum map for you to use with students during daily lessons in a unit. Both workshops will determine formative and summative assessments needed to monitor student learning. (SU2143644)

You will learn a structured process for identifying the priority TEKS as part of curricular planning for a scope and sequence of student learning. You will focus on:

  • aligning instruction with the priority TEKS and idenitfying critical knowledge and skills for mastery of the Student Expectations
  • ensuring greater teacher clarity of expectations with essential questions, concepts, and rigorous assessments
  • building student ownership of their learning to develop self confident learners through explicit tracking tools for monitoring their learning progress.

According to Marzano, a guaranteed workable curriculum may be the single largest factor that determines how many students in a school will learn critical content. School leaders and teachers need to be able to identify essential content standards for developing intellectual skills including higher order thinking. In this interactive session, participants will analyze the TEKS to identify power Standards all students must learn. They will also generate course and unit level questions, classify significant concepts, and construct formative assessments or tasks to evaluate student learning. Participants will create a graphic organizer known as the Strategic Instruction Model Course Organizer during the planning process as a course or class curriculum road map for use with students.

The workshops were created and will be presented by Region 13 Strategic Instruction experts who enjoy meeting the needs of teachers working in challenging and demanding classrooms with a diverse range of students. We want to make certain that educators attending our sessions walk away with a more in-depth knowledge of effective curriculum planning skills and with specific instructional tools to use with students.