Making Inferences: Uncovering Hidden Meaning and Constructing Thoughtful Response

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $85

Making inferences and drawing conclusions is one of the foundational skills of the secondary ELAR classroom and a life skill students will need to be successful as a reading, writing, and critically thinking adult. Students need to be able to make inferences when reading as well as select and evaluate text evidence to support responses.

In this workshop, we will collaborate to:

  • Unpack the TEKS in order to create learning progressions and success criteria for the types of inferences students make when reading a variety of texts.
  • Explore instructional strategies that transfer across texts so that students can practice making inferences with self-selected text and shared text.
  • Investigate strategies to support students evaluate types of text evidence to support their response.
  • Utilize mentor texts to support students with moving from writing an answer to composing a response.
  • Determine a variety of assessment strategies to monitor student's progress as they practice these skills throughout the year

Participants will have time built into the workshop for planning in order to incorporate the strategies learned into lesson plans.