PLC: Achievement Teams Conference

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  • ESC Region 13
  • 18 CPE Credits
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Achievement Teams is an experiential, collaborative four-step protocol that focuses on collective teacher efficacy. All of the components of Achievement Teams intentionally align with those teacher and leadership profiles that have the most significant impact on student achievement.

This framework provides a structure for teachers to accurately reflect on teaching between pre/post assessments, while identifying areas of student needs. Next, teachers collaboratively decide on the best instructional approach in response to those needs. When schools and school systems deemphasize individual practice and promote collective ability, it is possible to create professional teams of educators who continuously reflect on and improve their practice.

To maximize the potential for increasing collaboration and student outcomes, educators must realize that the sole purpose of an Achievement Team is to appropriate new knowledge about teaching and learning rather than simply maintaining existing knowledge. This means that teams follow protocols consistently while challenging current thinking and practice.

By using the Achievement Teams framework, teams identify specific, measurable performance goals and select strategies for improving student outcomes. Teacher collaboration, sharing master experiences, and collectively solving gaps in achievement is the most practical and feasible approach an organization can take to ensure continuous improvement. When the four-step protocol is embedded in school practice, teams will have a greater impact on student achievement, incorporate more inclusive methods of instruction, and expand teaching and learning.