Reading, Writing, and Thinking about Complex Texts

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $90

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"The more you read, the less apt you are to make a fool of yourself with your pen or word processor. a lot, write a lot is the great commandment."
(Stephen King, On Writing)

As English Language Arts teachers, we know that reading and writing are deeply connected. Good readers are more likely to be good writers. The newly adopted ELAR TEKS are organized around this central idea of integration of both. As King says, it's our "great commandment"--having our students read and write a lot.

We hope you'll join us for one or more of our workshops examining the demands of the ELAR TEKS and acquiring instructional strategies to support all students learning to become exemplar readers and writers. We'll learn how to ensure we scaffold instruction to help students no matter what their current literacy skills may be. Connections will be made to the work of reading and writing experts like Beers and Probst, Gretchen Bernabei, and Jim Burke.

The four workshops will focus on the TEKS Strands which concentrate on reading, writing, and thinking about mulitiple texts and using recursively the writing process:

Fall 2020 1) Reading and Writing In Response to Texts Across genres

2) Structured Informational, Argumentative, and Persuasive Compositions

Spring 2021 1) Reading, Writing, and Thinking about Complex Texts

2) Understanding Author's Choice and Craft: Mentor Texts

The workshops are presented by a literacy specialist with ELAR teaching experience, and you'll leave each workshop with a toolbox of strategies and ideas on how to build your students' literacy skills. There will be a discount if you attend more than 1 workshop.