Sheltered Instruction: The Blueprint

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $100

Providing quality instruction to Emergent Bilingual students of various levels of proficiency is no easy task. Learn to improve student outcomes by integrating academic language simultaneously with content area instruction.

In Sheltered Instruction: The Blueprint, we will explore the instructional approach that engages Emergent Bilingual students in developing grade-level knowledge while increasing English proficiency. This session will explore the seven key components of sheltered instruction and discuss strategies to promote student engagement. For Emergent Bilingual students, it is important that we provide purposeful tasks that allow ample opportunity for students to interact with the target language and content objectives.

Participants will engage in interactive learning and peer collaboration, create grade-level lessons with sample student examples, and leave with strategies to engage Emergent Bilingual students. As a participant, you will receive a variety of materials to support content-area instruction while building English language proficiency in the classroom.