Steve Barkley - Coaching for Increased Learning Complexity and Acceleration

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $200

Coaching for Increased Learning Complexity and Acceleration

ESC Region 13 is partnering with Steve Barkley to offer one day of facilitated learning for instructional coaches and leaders both in-person and virtually.

Many schools and instructional coaches are engaged in re-establishing coaching practices in the “new normal” teaching and learning settings. Desired learning outcomes are expanding and rising at the same time that teachers are identifying students’ missing skill sets and learning experiences. Instructional coaching needs to be promoting and supporting teacher beliefs and skills that advance their agency to drive accelerated learning for students.

At the same time, instructional coaches are considering the implications and complexity of the STAAR redesign, which begs the question: What do students need to be doing during their instructional time in order to practice this depth of thinking and produce the learning they need to be successful on the new item types?

Participants will join other instructional coaches and leaders to explore the following questions and offer your questions as you plan for needed changes in what students are doing (learner production behaviors) in classrooms.

  • How do teachers’ expectations influence their approaches to student motivation, goal setting, and feedback?
  • Are teachers scaffolding just in time or just in case?
  • Are the types of learning activities that engage students in complex learning tasks present in your curriculum materials or do teachers need to design them, jointly or individually?
  • Do current learning activities promote equity?