The Whole Child: Self Confident Learners

  • Online
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $99

Workshop Description

"Teachers need to see learning through the eyes of the child, so children can see themselves as their own teachers." John Hattie

In this interactive workshop, you will learn and practice structured ways to increase student ownership of learning. Creating a classroom where students are taught how to assess their own learning and to set goals based upon feedback will be the focus of the day.

You will use Assessment Capable Learners by Hattie, Fisher, and Frey as our primary resource, and we'll examine in-depth the characteristics of learners who demonstrate a growth mindset and who know how they learn.

You will leave with strategies for empowering students to direct their own learning and to help them build their self-confidence and efficacy.

Additionally, you'll consider how a school-wide vision and high expectations for all students will build the collective efficacy of both teachers and students. Integrating practices to support Social Emotional Learning of students will be a focus of the day. Building the self-efficacy and agency of students will impact student achievement.