Visible Learning for Science

  • Multiple Dates
  • Online
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $85
  • Included in Learning Bundle

Workshop description

In the best science classrooms, teachers see learning through the eyes of their students, and students see themselves as explorers and scientists. With so many instructional strategies for teachers to choose---inquiry, labs, project-based, and discovery learning--which is most successful for student learning critical science content? In the Visible Learning for Science workshop, participants will determine how to choose the right approach at the right time in their teaching to move students from surface to deep to transfer learning.

We'll use John Almarode's (with Hattie, Frey, & Fisher) book Visible Learning for Science as a foundation for our exploration of how to guide students to a deeper understanding of scientific inquiry in a K-12 science classroom using a framework to help you plan student investigation of scientific connections in order to solve complex problems in science. The Visible Learning framework also allows teachers to design maximum-impact science teaching for topics in the life and physical sciences, so students can demonstrate more than a year's worth of learning for a year spent in school. Consider the impact of that boost in learning on your STAAR assessment scores.