Accounting/Budget and Payroll Contract

  • Custom Dates
  • $23,000+

School districts and campuses are home to dozens of working professionals, including administrative staff, teachers, custodians, nurses, coaches, and so much more. Running a campus or district's accounting or budget and payroll processes can be time-consuming and difficult.

Our accounting, budget, and payroll specialists work with district and campus business offices to provide accounting services that are efficient, effective, and in full compliance with all state and federal requirements.

Accounting and Budget Services

Our specialists offer a full range of support for common budget and accounting services based on a schedule developed by the district and in compliance with the TEA Financial Accountability System Resource Guide. We help with:

  • Maintaining accounting and budgeting records in TxEIS
  • Post cash receipts
  • Post accounts payable transactions
  • Post budget amendments and journal entries
  • Balancing general ledger and funds prior to month closing
  • Closing files monthly and generating reports
  • Reconciling bank accounts - this service is provided at no additional cost
  • Preparing 1099 forms and submitting IRS files at calendar year-end
  • Preparing PEIMS data for submission
  • Closeout of the fiscal year
  • Inputting budget into TxEIS from documentation provided by the district
  • Performing and maintaining all file backups
  • Assisting auditor as requested
  • Activity Fund Accounting performed according to a procedure agreed upon by the district
  • Providing standard reports to the district as requested
  • Preparing Federal expenditure reports

Payroll Services

In addition to accounting and budget services, we also offer support in maintaining payroll services for districts and campuses. We help with:

  • Processing monthly payroll
  • Preparing and submitting all associated monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Preparing payroll and related deduction checks
  • Providing standard payroll reports to the district as requested
  • Processing August accruals
  • Performing and maintaining all file backups
  • Preparing PEIMS data for submission
  • Assisting auditors as requested
  • Assisting district with the maintenance of service records