At-Risk Services Network

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Students at-risk might experience challenges in educational settings such as an inability to make adequate academic progress, are pregnant or parenting, are involved with the juvenile justice system, are experiencing homelessness, or are in the process of learning English. These are only a few examples of the 14 indicators used to identify at-risk students in Texas. It is imperative for schools to provide special consideration for these vulnerable students.

Our At-Risk Services Network provides current, relevant and best practice information and strategies to enable schools to meet the challenges of supporting at-risk students in Texas. We provide monthly workshops to enhance participant learning and skills throughout the academic year.

What are the benefits of pre-purchasing?

All of our At-Risk Network workshops are open for a set ticket price shown on the workshop page. Districts and campuses pre-purchasing access to our workshops secure 10 highly discounted registrations for each workshop. The district then has the freedom to build capacity by distributing the registrations to the staff members most critical to improve learner outcomes in any specific area.