Explicit Instruction: Coaching and Custom PD

  • Custom Dates
  • Custom Pricing

Our strategic instruction specialists empower K-12 teachers to deliver instruction to diverse groups of learners. Using Anita Archer’s Explicit Instruction, we create trainings and help with designing and delivering scaffolded lessons that are organized for active participation and for effective and efficient classroom management with mastery learning as the ultimate goal. We work with administration to create a custom package that fits your campus’ needs, that contains a combination of professional development opportunities and onsite or digital coaching. The end result is that your teachers get Explicit Instruction training and coaching that helps them close the learning gap for struggling students as well as help ensure a year of growth for a year of school for all students.

Our professional development opportunities are designed around these Principles of Effective Instruction:

  • Optimizing engaged time/time on tasks.
  • Promoting high levels of success.
  • Increasing content coverage.
  • Boosting students’ time in instructional groups.
  • Scaffolding instruction.
  • Addressing different forms of knowledge.

We'll visit your campus to:

  • Talk through campus/district concerns for design and delivery of instruction.
  • Design and deliver tailored professional learning to meet the individual needs of your campus using a model approach for professional learning.
  • Coach individual teachers.
  • Provide support in planning during PLC time.
  • Develop a plan for implementation of the Explicit Instruction principles.