Learning After COVID: Priority Planning

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What will the next "normal" in education look like for school district leaders, campus administrators, teachers, and students?

Our Learning After COVID service will help leaders design and implement a post-pandemic plan. It's based on Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond’s “ten priorities” and John Hattie's “high-leverage” indicators on proven points of evidence to accelerate learning and close learning gaps. We work with administrators to create a custom package that fits your campus’ needs and contains a combination of professional development opportunities and onsite or digital coaching.

The result is explicit post-pandemic training and coaching that helps close the learning gap for struggling students and ensures the next 1-5 years of instruction are well-developed and intentional.

Our work is designed around Priorities of Restarting and Reinventing School:

  • Utilizing a research-based framework that builds on and recognizes other student-centered, equity-oriented frameworks

  • Optimizing and prioritizing resources — people, time, and money

  • Promoting high levels of stakeholder engagement

  • Supporting leaders in designing a roadmap for creating a viable instructional program with clearly delineated strategies for ensuring all students have access to high-quality teaching and learning

  • Increasing accelerated learning and closing learning gaps

  • Boosting students’ academic and social-emotional success

  • Addressing data-based priority areas of the plan (i,e, financial, technology, and interventions)

We'll visit your district or campus to:

  • Talk through campus/district concerns for the design and delivery of a post-pandemic plan and closing learning gaps (1, 3, and 5 years)

  • Design and deliver tailored professional learning to meet the individual needs of your district/campus using research-based protocols and priority planning
    • Priority 1: Close the Digital Divide

    • Priority 2: Strengthen Distance and Blended Learning

    • Priority 3: Assess What Students Need

    • Priority 4: Ensure Supports for Social and Emotional Learning

    • Priority 5: Redesign Schools for Stronger Relationships

    • Priority 6: Emphasize Authentic, Culturally Responsive Learning

    • Priority 7: Provide Expanded Learning Time

    • Priority 8: Establish Community Schools and Wraparound Supports

    • Priority 9: Prepare Educators for Reinventing Schools

    • Priority 10: Leverage more Adequate and Equitable School Funding

  • Coach individual principals

  • Provide support in planning during PLC time

  • Develop a plan for the implementation of the priority principles and high-leverage indicators