Purchasing Cooperative

In the continued fight against COVID-19, we are offering a Purchasing Cooperative to Local Education Agencies, Charter Schools, and Private Schools to protect staff, students, and campus visitors. PPE helps protect staff and students from potentially infectious diseases and other potentially dangerous substances.

Our Cooperative provides the health and safety equipment needed to make classrooms and schools safe environments for learning—all at a reduced price. Members of the Co-op will receive access to a catalog of equipment available for purchase.

Items Available for Purchase through the PPE Cooperative are:

  • Air Filtration
  • Facemasks
  • Isolation Gowns
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves
  • Sanitizers and Disinfectants
  • Physical Barriers

Approved Vendors:

  • Gnomedica, Protect ED, GDIMed, Ibiley