Rising Counseling Leaders

  • Oct-June
  • $900

This cohort of support and learning is designed for counselors who want to create a comprehensive counseling program that impacts all stakeholders. The structure and focus of the cohort will include the following:

  • Collaborative Learning Sessions - Two in the Fall; Two in the Spring
  • Optional Coaching for State Recognized Program Awards – CREST/LSSSCA Bronze Award
  • Capacity Synergy Session - Administrator attends a Fall Session with RCL Counselor
  • Connection with other RCL Counselors throughout the year


Certified School Counselors with a minimum of 5 years of school counseling experience or former Rising Counselor Leaders are encouraged to join our learning cohort.

Customized Coaching:

Throughout the year, Region 13 Counseling Services will offer additional 1 on 1 coaching times and virtual collaboration opportunities for continued personal growth and support. Those dates will be shared with the counselors who register for the Rising Counselor Leaders series of workshops.