TExES Superintendent (195) Practice Test

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  • $40

Prepare for your superintendent exam!

Prepare for your TExES (195) exam with our representative exam experience.

ESC Region 13 offers an opportunity to take an almost full-length (80 questions) representative TExES exam as a practice test before your test. Join us on-site at ESC Region 13 or complete the practice exam through a controlled Canvas course testing experience.

Scheduling and Instructions

  • To schedule, you'll contact us with your preferred day/time within the Monday through Friday 7 AM-5 PM window, with some potential Saturday days (inquire on this).
  • Determine method of engagement with ESC Region 13 staff (in-person on-site at ESC Region 13 or remotely via Canvas)
  • Once scheduled, you will receive more specific instructions and instructions prior to the practice exam.

During the Exam

  • You'll need up to 5 hours for the actual test and then some time following a break to review your results and missed questions.
  • You will take the exam in a timed setting.
  • Once complete, you'll have time to review missed questions and their rationales; you may spend as much or little time as needed for this piece.

After the Exam

  • Following your practice test, we will analyze your results by competency and provide any suggestions on next steps via an emailed report.
  • Your EPP will need to be the one to allow you the option in TEAL to register to test again for a new attempt.

Who is this for?

This practice test is available for students enrolled in a superintendent certification program in Texas.

Your purchase includes:

  • Timed testing environment
  • Option of testing on site at Region 13 ESC or remotely via Canvas
  • Procedural information
  • Access to answer key and answer rationales for reviewing responses immediately following the exam
  • Exam results analysis by competency and suggested next steps
  • A letter documenting your participation in the practice exam