Xtreme Reading Intervention Program

  • Aug - Sept
  • $2,500

Xtreme Reading has been nationally recognized by the Institute of Educational Sciences as a reading intervention program that works especially as a Tier 2 reading intervention course for secondary students. In the year-long reading class, students learn eight Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) research-validated strategies to build skills in the areas of vocabulary development and reading comprehension as well as explicit strategies for classroom behavior, motivation, cooperative learning and thinking, and goal-setting.

Teachers are provided with all of the curriculum materials needed to teach a reading intervention class including detailed daily lesson plans and a curriculum pacing guide for the year. The IES data indicated students enrolled in the Xtreme Reading intervention program demonstrated a growth of 3-4 grade levels in reading after a year of instruction.

What's included:

You'll get all eight Instructor's Resources Notebooks containing daily detailed lesson plans with warm-up activities, guided reading, whole class instruction, student practice activities, vocabulary building, and end of lesson activities.

You'll also get one student notebook with all learning sheets and activities along with four manuals with leveled reading passages for student lessons, and a supplemental materials and lessons.

An ESC Region 13 literacy specialist will provide seven training sessions offered at ESC Region 13: a two day institute in August and five days of SIM professional development throughout the year.

Also, you'll get three days of classroom coaching and support on the campus where we'll work with your teachers to implement the Xtreme Reading intervention program, observe and provide feedback, and model lessons. Throughout the school year, we will meet regularly in professional development workshops and virtual webinars to support your teachers in implementing the reading strategies with fidelity, to analyze student data in order to monitor their progress, and to plan instruction.