Secondary Newcomers Network

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $100

Each meeting will feature guest presenters and networking activities pertaining to support for Newcomer Emerging Bilinguals in secondary schools. For former participants, this new format may be best viewed as a recurring meeting each semester. However, there are no prerequisites, the meetings are not sequential and all campus stakeholders are welcome.

A Canvas course will provide a place for the Secondary Newcomer Network (SNN) to share and collaborate, as well as archive presentations from our meetings.

Newcomer Emerging Bilinguals face many challenges in their first years of education in US schools.

Maybe none have it harder than those arriving as high school students. Unlike younger Newcomer Emerging Bilinguals who can develop language and content knowledge over time, those aged 15-18 don't have a moment to lose. In just a few short years, Newcomer Emerging Bilinguals are expected to learn to listen, speak, read and write in English, acquire at least 22 high school credits AND pass the 5 necessary STAAR EOCs.

If we want our Newcomer Emerging Bilinguals to feel safe, supported, and successful, it requires the shared vision of the school and community. As administrators, counselors, registrars and teachers, it is our responsibility to support and guide them along this challenging path to graduation.

In this training we will address some of these items, including but not limited to:

  • Navigating credit acquisition
  • Course scheduling
  • Development of cultural proficiency
  • Family/community supports