Texas Principal Certification Testing Only

ESC Region 13’s Principal Certification Network (PCN) Testing Only

This service is offered to candidates classified as a "finisher" from a previous program because they have completed all program requirements with the exception of passing the TExES (268) and/or PASL (368).

Program Schedule

A finisher (TEA term regarding a candidate who has finished all program pieces except state-mandated testing requirements) may be admitted at the same admission deadline and date of any of the three annual cohorts, although they will not be responsible for completing the same program requirements or timeline as that cohort.

  • January Launch: Same year TExES (268) Spring completion, same year PASL (368) Fall submission completion
  • October Launch: Same year TExES (268) Fall completion, Following year PASL (368) Spring submission completion
  • June Launch: Same year TExES (268) Fall completion, same year PASL (368) Fall submission

Program Cost

  • $100 application fee
  • $300 registration fee (waived if Region 13 ESC EPP alumni)
  • $2500 program fees (paid in full within 30 days of admission or 5 payments/$500 beginning second month enrolled

Special Notes:

  • If candidate is dismissed or withdraws at any time during the program period, they are responsible for a minimum of $1000 program fees.
    • A $500 extension fee will be applied if a candidate does not meet all completion requirements by
    program required deadline immediately upon extension launch and again upon each new semester of extension needed.