Regional Teacher of the Year

Celebrating Excellence in Education

Explore the talents of educators in ESC Region 13! As autumn arrives, the Texas State Teacher of the Year Program celebrates outstanding educators, recognizing 40 Regional Teachers of the Year. This elite group includes two State Teachers of the Year, distinguished in elementary and secondary education, along with four state finalists. Notably, these educators represent the excellence found in each of the 20 Education Service Center regions across Texas.

Nominate Your District Teachers of the Year

Recognizing Excellence in Education

Celebrate excellence in education by nominating your District Teachers of the Year! We are seeking nominations for both Elementary and Secondary categories to represent Region 13's Teacher of the Year. If you know an exceptional teacher who deserves recognition, now is the time to act.

Shine a Spotlight on Dedication and Passion

Let's Celebrate Remarkable Educators

Nominate your District Teachers of the Year today, and let us honor their dedication, passion, and commitment to shaping young minds. Together, we can celebrate the remarkable educators who make a lasting impact on our student's lives.