Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)

Improving instructional leadership in Texas

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Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)

What Is Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)?

Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is a series of interactive professional development opportunities for district and campus instructional leaders, aligned to the Effective School Framework (ESF) and the works of Paul Bambrick-Santoyo.

There are multiple pathways for capacity development within TIL, all centered around creating systems and developing clear roles and responsibilities of the campus instructional leadership team.

TIL best practices encourage a multi-year approach to the training and implementation, with engagement in one content area per year.

How does TIL Work?

TIL Process
  1. Reach out!
    Schedule a consultation to learn about TIL offerings and participation expectations/requirements or attend a TIL Overview Session (2-3 months before training)
  2. Dig in!
    Self-assess TIL Readiness, alignment to campus or district goals, and discuss content-specific goals (Observation & Feedback, Lesson alignment & Formative Assessment, Schoolwide Culture Routines, Data-Driven Instruction, or Materials Internalization & Alignment) (1-2 months before training)
  3. Look ahead!
    Attend TIL OnRamp for content-specific previews, distributed leadership, leading change, and developing systems for TIL participation. (1 month-2 weeks before training)
  4. Show up!
    Attend multiple training cycles with onsite support and coaching over the school year to achieve implementation fidelity. (Over 9-12 months)
  5. Check in! Engage in ongoing artifact review, tracking of program data, and student data. (monthly during the 9-12 month training period)

Year 1 Options:

Year 2 Options:

*Texas Instructional Leadership is a TEA-approved and vetted improvement program (VIP) supporting LEAs in their selection of high-quality contracted services. This is in accord with the foundational essential actions of the Effective Schools Framework (ESF) proven to be effective.