Migrant Education

Supporting campus or district migrant education programs.

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Migrant Education

What is Migrant Education?

Migratory children deserve the same opportunities as their non-migratory classmates. Our team of migrant education specialists work with districts and campuses throughout central Texas to provide professional development, identification of migrants, parental engagement, early childhood education, secondary credit accrual, and graduation of migrant students.

Who are Migrant students?

For over 50 years the USDE Office of Migrant Education has provided funds for supplemental academic and support services to the children of families who migrate to find work in the agricultural and fishing industries.

To be eligible for classification as a migrant student, a child must have a parent, spouse, or guardian who is a migratory agricultural worker or migratory fisher, and has moved from one school district to another. In states that are comprised of a single school district, they must have moved from one school administrative area to another within that district.

They must have done this in order to obtain or accompany their parent, spouse, or guardian in order to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing work that serves as a principal means of livelihood for the worker and their family. All of this must have been done within the past 36 months.

For more information about Migrant Education, view Title I, Part C - Education of Migratory Children at the Texas Education Agency.