InvestQ Cooperative

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From record-keeping to managing distributions, we've partnered with InvestQ to deliver full-service administration of each plan. With a dedicated call center based out of Austin, Texas we're always available to help your staff with any questions or requests.

Our InvestQ cooperative offers four retirement savings programs designed to prepare your staff for a financially-secure future while reducing your administrative duties as a plan provider.

Retirement savings programs:

  1. 457(b) Retirement Savings Plan
  2. 403(b) Third Party Administrative Services
  3. 3121/FICA Alternative New Plan
  4. 3121/FICA Alternative Transfer Plan

More about our platform

The InvestQ platform assumes a full fiduciary responsibility for 457(b) and FICA-Alternative investment recommendations, reducing your risk and liability as a plan provider.

Additionally, we place a strong focus on participant education and providing ongoing opportunities for your staff to learn about their finances from Retirement Plan Specialists.