School Board Training

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The Texas Education Code states, "the State Board of Education shall provide a training course for independent school district trustees to be offered by the regional education service centers." We work with your school board members to offer up custom school board training that satisfies this requirement and is open to any interested party, including current and prospective board members.

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Tier 1 of the Texas Education Code Orientation is a three-hour training acquainting new school board members with legislative updates. We also familiarize veteran school board members with the Texas Education Code changes stemming from the most recent actions of the Texas Legislature.

During Tier 2 training, you'll get three hours of team building to improve your existing team skills and develop board/superintendent leadership abilities. The training is designed for full board participation and includes annual team development needs assessments. You can also customize your Tier 2 training to meet the unique needs of your school board members or superintendent teams.

Tier 3 provides customized training based on your developmental needs identified in Tier 2. New members must receive ten hours of Tier 3 continuing education during their first year of service. Experienced members must earn five hours of training each year.

Our Tier 4 training provides support for Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes (EISO). This training must include goal setting, monitoring, and accountability content that supports the oversight role of the board.