Behavior Learning Community: Shifting the Paradigms

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Welcome to the Behavior Learning Community, where we work together to shift paradigms. This monthly professional development webcast series is dedicated to empowering educators with effective behavior management strategies for the classroom.

We’ll explore and discuss a wide range of tips and tricks to foster positive behavior, cultivate a supportive learning environment, and enhance student engagement.

Each session will last 30 minutes and will include an overview of the topic and chat support. Repeat sessions will be held throughout the day to accommodate schedules. Participants will have the opportunity to select a preferred time when registering for the webinar date.

Spring 2024 upcoming sessions:  

  • March 28 — Responding with Calm and Confidence
    Monica Kurtz and Angela Isenberg

    In the average school day, a teacher must make 10,000 crucial decisions, and many circumstances are beyond our control. The good news is we have complete control over one thing. We alone control our response to our classroom challenges. One of the greatest challenges we face is responding appropriately to highly charged emotional reactions from our students. In this session we will explore the cycle of emotional escalation and provide strategies to respond with calm and confidence at each level.

  • April 18 — Transforming Classroom Behaviors
    Monica Kurtz and Dr. Paula Freeman

    Spring is a time of transformation, and provides an opportunity to assess and evaluate our current behavioral management methods. Traditionally, we have assumed students’ behaviors were a product of their will. Over the past 50 years of behavioral research, we have discovered that most students’ problematic behaviors arise from a lack of developmentally appropriate behavioral skills (Ablon, 2018). This session will explore strategies to accelerate lagging executive functioning, mental flexibility, problem-solving, and frustration tolerance.

  • May 9 — Making it Through May
    Monica Kurtz, Dr. Paula Freeman, and Angela Isenberg

    Together, we can make it through May, but we don’t just want to survive; we and our students want to thrive! This session will discuss everyday classroom strategies for a trauma-informed environment. We can elevate our student’s voices, build their self-efficacy, and support academic resilience. We will send them into the summer with hope. Please join us.

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