TEKS Resource System - Curriculum

Building and maintaining your own school or district wide curriculum is a daunting task, no matter how much experience you have in teaching. Coming up with custom and comprehensive aligned lesson plans, resources, assessment items across all content areas is equally as overwhelming.

Our TEKS Resource System helps you bridge that gap by creating a comprehensive, customizable, curriculum and assessment management system. We offer TEKS-aligned curriculum, resources, and assessment items for each of the core subject areas and bilingual for one flat yearly price.

We'll work with your teachers and district staff members to train you on our system, provide you professional development opportunities and answer any technical questions or issues that arise.

TEKS Resource System by the Numbers

  • 10 ESC executive directors and 10 superintendents on the management committee
  • 17 full-time state content development team members
  • 68 Texas educators hired for content development
  • 83% of districts in Texas use TEKS R/S
  • 886 member districts across Texas
  • 4,539 campuses use TEKS R/S
  • Approximately 1.9 million students
  • 2,148 authentic tasks built into performance assessments
  • 14,406 unit assessment items in bank
  • 23 videos in the system support library


Existing members can log in to access content pages from the TEKS Resource System at Region 20. These pages have the professional development handouts, along with the curriculum rollouts.

TEKS Resource System (TRS) in collaboration with ESCs, will provide additional support to educators for synchronous and asynchronous learning environments by offering Resources and Activities Collection. These aligned digital resources are an effort of Education Service Centers, which began as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. These resources are intended to support the TEKS Resource System curricular content, and can be used in both Synchronous and asynchronous environments. This effort provides teachers with an organized system of resources that target standards.

These resources are only available to LEAs that have purchased TEKS Resource System. If your LEA has purchased TEKS Resource System, contact us to get the login information for these resources.

TEKS RS Activity Collection

View TEKS Resource System Activity Collection