Instructional Materials Adoption (IMA)

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The review and adoption process determines the instructional materials eligible for adoption by the State Board of Education (SBOE). The process starts when the SBOE revises or adopts new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and is complete with the selection and implementation of new materials by school districts.

The SBOE creates an adoption cycle for subjects in the foundation curriculum (English and Spanish language arts and reading, math, science, social studies) to ensure materials in those subjects are reviewed once every eight years. A review of materials for the enrichment curriculum may occur less often. Enrichment subjects are languages other than English, health, physical education, fine arts, career and technology education, technology applications, religious literature, and personal financial literacy.

View Materials

  • View Pre-Adoption Electronic Samples on TEA website - Pre-Adoption samples are for review purposes only. The content is not to be used or reproduced without the permission of the publishers. Samples are available for review until the materials are adopted at the November SBOE meeting.
  • View Samples at Region 13 - Currently adopted materials and pre-adopted samples may be viewed in person at ESC Region 13 by appointment. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Current Proclamation

Proclamation 2024 Includes:

  • Science, K-12
  • Spanish science, K-6
  • Technology applications, K-8
  • Several CTE Courses
  • Personal Financial Literacy and Economics

TEA Proclamations Page includes Proclamation 2024 Publishers Under Consideration (PDF).

*Proclamation 2024 is grouped into two batches since the TEKS were adopted in batches.
*Pre-Adoption Samples are due for Batch A on 4/10/23 and Batch B on 5/30/23.
*Post-Adoption Samples are due for Batches A and B on 3/25/24.

Instructional Materials Publisher Showcase

November 2, 2023

Region 13 hosts an Instructional Materials Publisher Showcase annually to allow publishers in the current adoption year to showcase their products, answer questions, and provide additional information to assist districts in choosing the products that most meet their district needs. Digital samples may be viewed from any location through the TEA website.

    Screenshot of Science Instructional Materials Adoption Showcase. Link to PDF available below.
    View Flyer

    Vendors/Publishers Attending:

    • Accelerate Learning
    • Activate Learning
    • Argument-Driven Inquiry
    • B.E. Publishing
    • BFW Publishers
    • The Biozone
    • Carolina
    • CodeHS
    • CompuScholar, Inc.
    • Conceptual Academy
    • The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Discovery Education
    • EduSmart
    • eDynamic Holdings LP
    • Ellipsis Education
    • Goodheart-Willcox
    • Great Minds
    • Green Ninja
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    • iCEV
    • IXL Learning
    • Kiddom
    • Learning Without Tears
    • McGraw-HIll
    • National Geographic Cengage
    • PASCO Scientific
    • Ramsey Education
    • RPA TREKs
    • Savvas Learning
    • School-It!, Inc.
    • SLOOH
    • Studies Weekly
    • Summit K12 Holdings, Inc
    • TPS Publishing Inc.
    • LLC
    • UT at Austin - Dell Medical School

    Future Proclamations

    Proclamation 2025

    • Not Issued

    Proclamation 2026

    • Scheduled to be issued in Spring 2024 to Include Math, K-12 and CTE: Subchapter A. Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

    Additional Information

    For additional information on Instructional Materials Adoption (such as Accessible Instructional Materials, Currently Adopted Instructional Materials, Technology and Instructional Materials Allotment, Instructional Materials Reports, Open-Education-Resource Instructional Materials, Ordering Instructional Materials, and Instructional Materials Assistance for Districts Affected by Natural Disasters), visit the Instructional Materials page on the TEA website.

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