Distance and Digital Learning Network

  • Yearly
  • $2,000+

Our world is always connected⏤ conversations happen online, social policies are managed through tweets, and our students' learning is extended online, not just crafted in the classroom.

Our Distance and Digital Learning Network helps districts make limitless connections around the globe to collaborate, connect, and create with other classes, experts, and institutions. We create new pathways for student learning and research by tapping into a wealth of online resources designed to boost and extend your students' learning.

Students collaborate together to take college classes for dual credit, access advanced courses, and take virtual field-trips that wow and inspire.

Teachers attend workshops to continue their educational development and collaborate with their peers in other states.

Administrators stay current with the latest rules and regulations and give their staff members access to the very best resources and strategies currently available to them.

Who's Connected?

Within our area of 60+ school districts, charter schools, and private schools, we connect hundreds of local learners to sites around the world. We also record our sessions and offer them up to our network members.

Our Membership Levels

Our Basic membership starts at $2,000 a year and gives you access to:

  • Unlimited access to recordings of TETN events and other ESC Region 13 offerings subject to the approval of the host of the conference
  • Unlimited troubleshooting of distance learning equipment/connections via phone and email at a moment’s notice per district’s needs
  • Technical support/assistance for virtual field trip participation (eg. Connect2Texas, etc.)
  • Access to special distance learning events (eg. Mrs. Claus, career exploration series, etc.)
  • Regular updates of upcoming distance learning opportunities
  • Ability to borrow webcams for events
  • Access to one Zoom Pro account for district use

Our Premium membership starts at $3,000 and includes everything above plus:

  • Connecting and active, real-time monitoring of daily/weekly video conference event/class offerings, including troubleshooting with end-users as need be
  • With prior scheduling, monitoring of video conferences during ESC holidays/off-hours
  • Post recordings of district meetings and special events in video storage/streaming portal with the ability to share viewing links
  • Basic editing of recorded video clips
  • Access to Zoom cloud connectors to allow connection of Zoom meetings to other video conference equipment
  • With prior scheduling approval, access to Zoom webinar room for up to 500 attendees
  • Access to multiple Zoom Pro accounts assigned to district users as needed, based on availability
  • Access 100 licensed ZOOM accounts (formerly called pro accounts) for district use. Additional licenses can be purchased through ESC Region 13 at $13 per license per year
  • Unlimited ZOOM Basic accounts