Supporting educators on the implementation of the STAAR Test

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What is the STAAR Test?

Each year Texas students are required to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, aka STAAR. The STAAR test assesses student achievement and knowledge learned by grade level through a series of standardized tests.

STAAR is based on state curriculum standards in the core subject areas of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Testing starts in the spring, and the number of tests students have to take depends on their grade level.

Our specialists support the STAAR test year-round through the teaching of curriculum standards, the improvement of teaching strategies through professional development, or by providing instruction on the use of and availability of accommodations and supports to students who qualify. We help all educators prepare their students and campuses for the STAAR test to ensure that all of their students achieve success.

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STAAR Redesign

The STAAR redesign required by HB 3261 (2021) changed the test in many ways. The STAAR assessment is used to assess our student's level of proficiency and understanding of the TEKS.

The redesign was developed to make the STAAR test better, more efficient, and more effective. TEA held a focus group with over 600 educators. Based on focus group feedback, STAAR is now more tightly aligned to the classroom experience. Questions reflect actual units of study, less multiple-choice questions, and writing components are more familiar to students.