Dyslexia Evaluation 101

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $100

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding Dyslexia - Gain a clear definition of dyslexia and an overview of its characteristics.
  • Elements of Reading - Explore the key components of reading and how they relate to dyslexia.
  • Referral and Data-Gathering Process - Learn the steps and data required to initiate a dyslexia evaluation.
  • Evaluation Process in Texas - Understand the specific procedures for evaluating dyslexia under the Texas Dyslexia Handbook and IDEA.
  • Assessment Domains - Review the important domains to assess, including achievement, cognitive processes, and other related areas.
  • Full Individual Evaluation - Discover how to incorporate dyslexia assessment elements into a comprehensive special education evaluation.
  • Differentiating Learning Disabilities - Learn techniques to differentiate between dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities in reading.