In Our New Special Education Teacher Era

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  • 30 CPE Credits
  • $300

Calling all new special education teachers as we dive into all things special education to ensure you are confident and comfortable as you begin your teaching journey.

This course is an exploration of fundamentals for new teachers or teachers who are new to special education.

Join us to discover practical tips and tools to thrive in your first year, including data collection methods, co-teaching techniques, mastering education lingo, implementing Universal Design for Learning to meet the needs of all students, creating effective accommodations and modifications, setting up an organized and structured classroom, balancing your teaching and case manager duties, and aligning individual student goals with state standards. You'll leave feeling confident and prepared to rock your first year as an educator.

We will host monthly sessions alternating from a full-day session in person to half-day sessions over Zoom. Onsite sessions will be held at ESC Region 13's campuses: Austin, La Grange, Marble Falls, and San Marcos.

    The spring semester will offer in-classroom coaching, check-ins, and office hours.

    This course will have an accompanying newsletter to provide new teachers with resources, updates, and techniques.

    Attend the first session for free with discount code SHIMMERPGC24.