Instructional Coaching Foundations Virtual

  • Self Guided
  • Online
  • 12 CPE Credits
  • $200


Complete at your own pace before 8/23/24.

Course Description:

This online, self-paced course will provide instructional coaches, instructional specialists, and administrators with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to build a strong coaching culture and impact student achievement through effective coaching practices.

Through this course, participants will use the ESC Region 13 Balanced Coaching Framework to define the roles and work of an instructional coach, as well as learn essential instructional coaching practices and strategies.

Taking this course as an instructional coaching team will help develop common language, align coaching philosophies, and calibrate practices by using an effective framework.

Essential Questions:

1. Who are the major contributors in the coaching field, and how can we use their research to take a balanced approach to coaching and build common best practices?

2. How do we create a coaching culture and conditions for coaching?

3. What are the skills needed to be an effective coach?

4. How do the different types of research-based coaching cycles support a coach's work in impacting student learning?

5. How do we apply our learning to the real world?

6. How can I reflect and grow as a coach?


"I love the exposure to the different forms of coaching. I can really see how each one can be impactful in different situations."

"The best part of this course was the richness of resources and content."

"I liked the way it pulled all the different coaching methods together and did comparison. I have taken almost all of them at separate times but this a comprehensive look at the differences and appropriate times to use the various methods."