5 Great Home Engagement Ideas

This 5 part video series will help you engage your preschool child at home during everyday activities!

Engaging your preschool child in learning activities at home isn’t as challenging as it might seem. In fact, if you ask an early childhood educator what they enjoy most about teaching young children, many say that they absolutely love how curious this age group is about the world around them. It’s true! If you’ve ever spent time with a young learner, their enthusiasm is contagious and it’s evident that learning can happen anywhere and anytime.

Our 5 part video series breaks down:

  1. Engagement strategies while watching TV.
  2. Engagement strategies while going for a walk.
  3. Engagement strategies while preparing food and cooking.
  4. Engagement strategies while reading a book.
  5. Engagement strategies while singing songs.

Spanish variation:

Cinco ideas para involucrar a su niño preescolar