Early Childhood Outcomes and Prekindergarten Guidelines Alignment

Early Childhood Outcomes and Prekindergarten Guidelines Alignment helps design preschool instruction to align with each of the Texas Education Agency’s prekindergarten guidelines to one or more of the three early childhood outcomes.

This document connects the developmental continuum of skills to the prekindergarten guidelines to help educators design appropriate, individualized goals and interventions for the youngest learners who are developmentally functioning below four-year-old expectations. This includes students with disabilities, students learning English as a second language, and any child who may be at risk educationally. The developmental continuum includes foundational skills that will lead to expected three-year-old and four-year-old skills, which can be used to provide a direct link to the prekindergarten guidelines and function as a starting point for students who are furthest from age-appropriate skill levels when they enter Early Childhood Special Education Programs.

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