Earth and Space Hex Web Activity

Elementary - Earth and Space

Hex Webs are a great way to help students develop a deeper understanding of key vocabulary and build connections between concepts within a unit of study.

This activity was designed to give students a new way to explore and connect concepts using the key terms associated with a unit of study. The instructions provide a structure for students to start building, but once the building has begun, the students control how the connections are made within the web.

Hex Web can be used at any point during a unit of study, but here are some ideas that teachers have shared with us since its development.

  • Use the hexes to create a large, interactive word wall
  • Give students the words in small batches as you gradually build to all of the key vocabulary contained within a unit of study
  • Provide students with blank hexes and challenge them to come up with additional words that could be connected to the unit of study