Science: New TEKS Canvas Courses

Science: New TEKS is a collection of online, self-paced Canvas courses that assist you in learning how the science TEKS are arranged and what changes have occurred during the revision process.

Science: New TEKS courses are available for the following grade bands:

Science: New TEKS K-2Science: New TEKS 3-5 Canvas Course
Science: New TEKS 6-8Science: New TEKS High School Canvas Course

    By completing a course, you will:

    • Acquire knowledge of the TEKS adoption process
    • Become familiar with key components of the TEKS, including Introduction, Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEPs), and Recurring Themes and Concepts (RTCs)
    • Explore side-by-side comparisons of previous and new content by reporting category.

    Each course takes approximately two-three hours to complete.