Texas Strategic Staffing

What is Texas Strategic Staffing (TSS)?

Texas Strategic Staffing (TSS) is a 2-year process in which a district and Educator Prep Program (EPP) commit to designing and implementing a paid teacher residency program that is sustainably funded by reallocating district resources to compensate teacher residents who take on additional instructional responsibilities in the district while completing a year-long teacher residency program.

Objectives for TSS

  1. Address Texas students’ learning acceleration needs and other instructional priorities through the implementation of high-quality teacher residencies.
  2. Enable equitable educational access for all Texas students through high-quality teacher residency programs as a key teacher pipeline strategy.
  3. Enable equitable access to quality preparation to retain a diverse Texas teacher population.
  4. Prioritize long-term Texas teacher effectiveness through rigorous pre-service practice in year-long teacher residency programs.
  5. Recruit, select, train, and continuously develop high-quality mentor teachers to support residents placed in high-need areas.
  6. Support Texas districts to sustainably fund teacher residencies through funding reallocation in service of an enduring talent pipeline.

How does TSS Work?

Throughout this 2-year process, TSS offers key technical assistance services that focus on building the capacity of the resident teacher while simultaneously providing ongoing support for cooperating teachers, campus leaders, and district administration.

During Year 1, ESC 13 works collaboratively with the LEA’s District Admin and schedules three full day in-person sessions that establishes role clarification of all stakeholders, revisit school selection placement, review finances for sustainability, and set parameters for working residents that take on additional instructional responsibilities based on the district’s staffing needs.

During Year 2, ESC 13 continues to offer technical assistance to campus leaders to comprehensively provide a mixed-method data approach during site visits, including interviews, focus panels, and surveys, which will be shared with LEA partners to discuss in governance. When analyzing data, ESC 13 will facilitate quarterly discussions with campus leadership, district administration, and EPP partners to ensure adequate supports and necessary adjustments are made to ensure residents are prepared to become teacher of record.

Year 1: Design Year Scope and Sequence

Year 2: Implementation Year Scope and Sequence