Vision, Mission, Values Creation

  • Custom Dates
  • $2,970

Need help?

  • We can support your team in creating a compelling and aligned vision, mission, goals, and values focused on a safe environment and high expectations.
  • For campus or district Vision, Mission, Values Creation

What's included?

  • Assist the campus in bringing together a group of representative stakeholders.
  • Align campus vision, mission, and values to the district vision and mission statements.
  • Use a collaborative process that focuses on high expectations and shared ownership for student success with a drive toward post-secondary success.
  • Encourage the creation of an aspirational, inspirational vision and mission statement.
  • Guide stakeholders to create a plan to increase awareness of the vision, mission, and values to be part of the daily life of the campus.
  • Provide a template for annual review.
  • Conduct one implementation support campus visit

Fulfills the Success Criteria of ESF 3.1