Educational Audiologist Services

  • Custom Dates
  • $115/hour

Our educational audiologist can provide a variety of on-site and consultative services as needed per student Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan.

On-Site Services can include:

  • electroacoustic verification, programming, and troubleshooting
  • repairs of hearing aids and classroom Hearing Assistive Technology
  • cochlear implant monitoring
  • earmold impressions/repairs
  • deliver and pick up equipment from campuses to central district site
  • attendance at ARD meetings when requested and available

We also work with your campus or district teams to provide:

  • hearing assistive technology recommendations
  • arrange factory HAT repairs
  • consult and collaborate with your staff
  • students' community audiologist and parents
  • assistance obtaining current otological and audiological reports