Gifted and Talented Program Evaluations

  • Custom Dates
  • $2,650+
  • In-person Only

What is a Program Evaluation?

Program evaluations look closely at the components of a program in order to align them with your goals. These evaluations are based on the custom needs of a district and state requirements for the program.

What happens during an evaluation?

There are four phases to program evaluation. Each phase serves a specific purpose that can be customized to the goal of your evaluation.

  1. Phase 1 - Developing a Plan
  2. Phase 2 - District Visits
  3. Phase 3 - Developing the Evaluation Report
  4. Phase 4 - Report presentation and Goal-Setting

Program Evaluation Pricing

Pricing for program evaluations depends on the number of campuses involved plus the number of days needed to gather and review artifacts.

We work together to build the service and pricing that best meets your needs.

Program evaluations start at $2,650.00.