High Impact Tutoring

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As part of our vision to provide COVID-19 learning recovery solutions that support learning acceleration, the ESC Region 13 High Impact Tutoring Program invites certified teachers, paraprofessionals, and retired teachers; non-certified high school and college students, educator preparation program interns, and community members to express interest in applying for tutoring positions that will help students recover months to years of learning loss due to the pandemic.

As a tutor, the Region 13 HIT Program team will train you for 3-9 hours (based on your tutoring preferences) on grant-subsidized math and reading platforms to provide virtual and face-to-face tutoring.

Next, we will share your interest form with local schools and districts who would reach out to you to complete the hiring process.

Already a HIT Tutor?

View the upcoming HIT platform training and HIT Office Hours. Additional site-based virtual and in-person training is available.

What is High Impact Tutoring?

Early data indicates that school closures and disruptions in SY19-20 and SY20-21 are likely to result in unfinished learning for many students statewide, making multi-year recovery and acceleration supports even more crucial. As LEAs consider how to facilitate learning acceleration best, many consider high-impact tutoring (HIT). There is strong evidence that high-impact tutoring is one of the most effective ways to increase learning gains for students.

High-impact tutoring programs have a few key characteristics:

  • Well-trained, consistent tutor (can be a teacher, paraprofessional, or teacher candidate) who builds a strong relationship with students
  • High-quality instructional material aligned to standards and core classwork
  • One-to-one or small group for individualized support (1-3 student max. ratio recommended)
  • Embedded in, or immediately before or after, the school day to maximize student access
  • At least three sessions per week for sustained support; Minimum of 30 minutes
  • Data-driven with tutors building sessions around student strengths and needs