Human Resources Co-op

  • 2023-24
  • 1200

Introducing the HR Co-Op for the 2023-2024 school year - it's back and better than ever! Get ready for an enhanced experience packed with new services and benefits designed to meet districts' unique needs. Join the HR Co-Op and gain access to an array of valuable resources.

New Services and Benefits:

We are excited to introduce several new services that will elevate your HR Co-Op experience:

  1. Job Board: Find the perfect candidates for your district with our exclusive Job Board. Gain access to a diverse pool of talented professionals and streamline your recruitment process.
  2. Virtual Professional Learning Community: Connect and collaborate with other HR professionals through our Virtual Professional Learning Community. Our community offers a platform for members to ask questions, share insights, and build valuable connections.

Tailored to Your District's Needs:

To better cater to the unique needs of different districts, the HR Co-Op will now be split between larger districts, rural districts, and charter/private schools. This ensures that the program is specifically tailored to address the distinct requirements of each group.

Choose Your Location:

Districts will have the option to choose between four different locations to attend the HR Co-Op. Select the most convenient location for your district, making it easier for your team to participate and benefit from the program.

Comprehensive Services Provided:

As a member of the HR Co-Op, you'll have access to a range of valuable services to support your district's HR needs:

  1. Quarterly HR Co-Op Meetings: Send two district staff members to each session. These meetings focus on topics based on the specific needs of the participating districts, ensuring that you gain relevant knowledge and insights.
  2. Onsite Visits: Receive in-person assistance with your local needs twice a year. Our team will visit your district to provide personalized support and guidance, effectively helping you overcome HR challenges.
  3. Job Board for Participating Districts: Access our exclusive Job Board, where you can post job openings and connect with qualified candidates from other participating districts. Expand your talent pool and find candidates to meet your staffing needs.
  4. Free May Job Fair Attendance: Take advantage of complimentary attendance at the May Job Fair. Network with job seekers and explore potential candidates for your district without any additional cost.
  5. Waived Application Fee for Educator Certification Program (ECP): Empower your educators by waiving the application fee for our Educator Certification Program. Enhance their skills and qualifications to improve student outcomes.
  6. Special Co-op Member Hire Session for ECP Interns: Gain a competitive advantage by participating in a dedicated hiring session exclusively for ECP interns. Attract talented individuals directly from the program and secure top-quality candidates for your district

Don't miss out on the HR Co-Op for the 2023-2024 school year. Join today and unlock comprehensive HR support, networking opportunities, and valuable resources for your district's success.