TIL: Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment

  • 9-12 months
  • $19,775+

Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment (LAFA) instructs campus administrators on how to support and coach teachers towards developing strong, TEKS-aligned lesson plans, and rigorous formative assessments. LAFA is recommended for Year 1 of Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) training.

TIL Implementation requires campus and district leads. Please reach out to those leads if you’re in a different role.

How Does Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment Work?

As a component of TIL, LAFA offers three pillars of support: face-to-face professional development, implementation support, and coaching. Our TIL team builds skills and abilities in principal supervisors and principals to lead their campus in ensuring TEKS-aligned lesson plans and quality formative assessments.

Leaders learn many processes during LAFA. Some of those are ensuring teachers have a strong foundation to create aligned, daily learning objectives, success criteria for student learning, and both daily and weekly assessments for continuous monitoring and adjustment of instructional practices.