Master of Education in Instruction and Learning

Developing Master Educators for Texas Classrooms

To upskill current educators, Education Service Center (ESC) Region 13 and Abilene Christian University (ACU) have partnered to create pathways dedicated to making existing teachers into master educators. Through the New Teacher Pathway and Grow Your Own Dual Credit Instructor programs, districts can respond to today’s industry challenges through an innovative solution that acquires, prepares, and motivates teachers to answer the call to educate the next generation.

Two Pathways, One Goal

New Teacher Pathway

The gap in the supply of new teachers to the profession is unprecedented, and teachers are exiting the profession at increasing rates, resulting in more vacant positions than ever before. Whether you’ve just graduated with a bachelor’s degree or recently switched careers, the New Teacher Pathway is a collaborative program between ESC Region 13 and ACU Online that matches predetermined individuals with schools to become newly hired teachers.

Grow Your Own Dual Credit Instructor

As the demand to advance the future prosperity and education obtainment of Texas citizens grows, the need to develop qualified dual-credit teachers is more important than ever. Through the Grow Your Own Dual Credit Instructor program, your existing high school instructional staff can earn the required credentials to serve as the teacher of record at a post-secondary institution offering academic dual credit courses. This program also allows your teachers to serve as potential affiliate faculty members for ACU Online in our Classroom to Career preparatory programs.