Research-Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS) Custom Training

  • Sept-Aug
  • Custom Pricing

Our Research-Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS) training program provides an intensive and interactive learning experience, empowering teachers and leaders with a deep understanding of evidence-based teaching techniques and strategies tailored to Math or RLA. Through our comprehensive six-hour courses, participants gain invaluable practical skills and knowledge to elevate their instructional effectiveness, foster student engagement, and facilitate meaningful learning outcomes rooted in the most up-to-date research.

At our RBIS training, we prioritize flexibility to accommodate the specific requirements of your district. We offer various scheduling options, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate our program into your existing framework. Our dedicated RBIS team is committed to supporting your district's needs and goals, providing a customized and impactful learning experience for your teachers and leaders.

Join us for our RBIS training and unlock the potential to transform your instructional practices with evidence-based strategies that yield remarkable results.